Construction has started!

“This project has been years in the making, and would never have arrived without the incredible generosity of nearly 1,200 Concord families and businesses. Thank you!” – John and Johanna Boynton, Campaign Chairs

Transformative improvements to the Main Library will meet our community’s evolving needs. We are so grateful for your support.

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What wonderful words from Library supporter Susannah Benner…

Like most of the world, my family is riding a roller coaster of emotions. In between the fears of sickness, uncertainty and boredom, my wanderlust to explore the world has started nagging. Obviously,this is a time to stay at home, but in the last 6 weeks, I HAVE traveled, far and wide. I’ve been to Iran as the Shah overthrew Mosaddegh, and to Franco’s Spain, to the Gulags in Russia, and down a Minnesotan river in a canoe. I’ve survived the 1918 Spanish flu in Mexico, solved crimes in Sweden and summited mountains in the Andes. I’ve cried at the loss of babies, husbands, homes, countries. And felt the power of young love, missed connections, dreams realized, regrets abandoned and adventures begun. My children and I have run away from home, been lost, found, misunderstood, rescued, time-traveled, and safely returned home. Powerful storytelling is humanity at its greatest. In sharing the human condition, empathy is awakened and our hearts open to the world.

Through books and movies we can transcend time and space. I read once that there are really only two stories in the world: a man goes on an adventure and a stranger comes to town. How divinely lucky we are of the infinite number of ways to tell those stories.

During our social distancing, my daughter and I have downloaded and watched movies from the minuteman library as well as e- books and audibles! Utilize this immense selection of offerings.

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