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We are so grateful for the participation of so many within our Concord community. Gifts to the Connecting Our Community campaign will ensure that our town treasure thrives by preserving its historic spaces as well as transforming and expanding the ways it is used. The Library has something for everyone – and the planned renovation will allow the Main Library to evolve and grow to remain a vital community resource. Thank you for your support!

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Terri Ackerman

Andrea and Jeff Adams

William and Susan Adams

Alexa and Cato Anderson

Kenneth and Lynda Anderson

Lillian Anderson

Shirley Andrews

Margery Ansara

Melissa Anthony

Reed and Barbara Anthony

Jamie and Beth Athanasoulas

Louise T. Axon

Barbara Ayotte

Robert and Demi Ayres

Mary Babcock

Barbara Baker

Bob and Pamela Baldwin

John and Sibylle Barlow

Charles and Jane Barrett

Bill and Susanna Barton

Robert Baum and Sarah Napier

Henry and Jeannie Becton

Robert and Katherine Beede

Reinier and Nancy Beeuwkes

Donald S. Bell

Alan and Michele Bembenek

Robert and Susannah Benner

The Bentinck-Smith Family

James and Linda Bentley

Ted Benzer and Barbara Peters

Todd and Lauren Beresford

Forrest Berkley and Marcie Tyre

Burke and Jo Bero

John and Jen Beveridge

Henry and Janet Beyer

Sam and Caroline Bigelow

Thomas and Tracey Bird

Walter and Susan Birge

Beatrice Blacksmith

Cristina Coletta Blau and Peter B. Blau

Rebecca M. Blodgett*

Timothy Blodgett

Matthew and Lindsay Boger

Nancy B. Bond

Paul and Diane Bosco

The Boston Foundation

Khaled Bounar and Jane Hosie-Bounar

Marjorie Daggett

Henry J. Dane

Ron and Holly Darzen

Mark and Joyce Davis

Chris and Kara Davis

Susan Dee

Mr. and Mrs. Stan and Joan DeOrsey

Michael and Jennifer Desrochers

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler and Pia Dewing

Maureen and Tim Dibble

Elaine DiCicco

William and Cynthia Doggett

Dolphin Charitable Foundation

Pam Gannon and Dave Douglas

Dr. Kieran Dowd, DMD, PC

Brendan and Cheri Driscoll

Anthony and Kate Dubon

Joannie Duris

Ralph Earle and Jane Mendillo

Richard and Marcy Eckel

The Burgess Edelman Family

John and Caroline Ellis

The Charles Engelhard Foundation

Erika Eurkus

Mason and Lou Fackert

Richard Fahlander and Kathy Allen

Mr. and Mrs. O. Mario Favorito

John and Joan Ferguson

Barbara Finan

Mr. Fletcher

John and Kathryn Flynn

Mr. Foley and Ms. Flanigan

Matthew and Claire Fonte

John and Ann Fossett

Janet and Churchill Franklin

Friends of the Concord Free Public Library

Peter and Anne Marie Fuchs

Arthur and Diane Fulman

Peter Funkhouser and Kate Stout

Kate and Rob Galusza

Russell and Kingsley Gamber

Frances Gardella

Edward and Sophia Garmey

John and Jennie Garofalo

Granville Curtis Garth*

Thomas Garth

Robert and Shirley Garth

Susan Garth Stott

Richard and Beverly Gauthier

Cyrus and Joanne Gibson

Susan Gladstone and David DeLong

David Godolphin

Laurie and Jeffrey Goldbarg

Andrew and Pat Goldstein

Enid and David Karr

Patty Keane

Walter Kehoe and Amy Young

Kevin and Nicole Kelly

Nate Kemp and Linda Nieman

Monika Kennedy

Natalie Kertoner

Mr. and Mrs. Nat and Caty Kessler

Henry Keutman and Ilene Gipson

Jonathan M. Keyes

Marilyn Bone Kloss

Knight Foundation

Robert and Celeste Kozlowski

Mr. Robert and Dr. Rachel Kramer

Amy Kumpel

Robert and Bonny Kusik

Jack and Cynthia LaMothe

John and Caroline Langan

Mr. and Mrs. Laurin

Christopher and Susan Ledoux

Betsy and Rich Levinson

Marian Levinstein

Jen Lichoulas

Jane A. Lifton

Alan and Jean Lightman

Li-Jen Lin

Kim Lishansky

Tim and Joan Litle

Stephen and Sherry Litwack

Elliot and Lenore Lobel

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr.

Lydia Lauderdale

John Lynch

Nancy J. Lyons

Frederick and Marcia MacDonald

Matthew and Stephanie Magee

Gregory Maguire and Andy Newman

Anne-Ghilaine Marino

Louis and Carolou Marquet

Kenneth and Judith Marriner

Janet and William Mason

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Middlesex Savings Bank

Mary and Terence McCourt

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Sue McCrory

Joan M. McDade

Michael Root McGrath

Tracy Mcintyre

David and Laura McKenna

Peter and Carol Meenan

Carol Messina

Gib Metcalf and Rebecca Winborn

Christian & Polly Meyer

Andrea Meyers

Tuesday Ladies Club

Tom and Anne Rarich

Patrick and Brooke Redmond

James and Stephanie Reid

Kim Reid

Kathleen Reidy

Carmin Reiss and Eric Green

John Richardson and Connie Roche

James Richardson and Susan Lynch

Rod Riedel

Mr. Dan Riordan

George and Nancy Robb

Mr. and Mrs. Robb

Ross R. Roberts

William and Sandra Robichaud

Hilary Robinson

Penny and Wiliam Rodday

David and Toby Ropeik

Timothy and Nina Rose

Bonnie and Thomas Rosse

Kitsy and Terry Rothermel

Mark Rovelli

Paul Ruhlmann

Alex and Sean Ruhmann

Kelly and Christopher Ryan

Melissa Carey Saalfield

Thomas Sablak and Laura Mills

Sridhar Sadasivan

Burton and Fredda Sage

Holly and Louis Salemy

Mr. and Mrs. Saler

Ernest and Carol Sarason

Michael and Sally Schnitzer

Arthur and Martha Schwope

Mr. and Ms. Scott

Elizabeth Seabury

William and Sherry Seaver

Rose Shao

Benson and Norma Shapiro

Gordon and Joy Shaw

Mr. and Mrs.. Sheehan

Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom & Loretta Ho Sherblom

Jane W. Sherrill

Richard and Carolyn Shohet

Robert and Karen Silver

Adam and Amy Simon

Edith and Thomas Sisson

Aina Skaubitis

Peter and Alison Small

Lowell S. Smith and Sally Sanford

Robert Sodergren & Melinda Sodergren-Kulish

AJ and Sheila Sohn

Bill and Rachel Sones

Betsy Spaulding

Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Charlotte Whitmore

Alan and Lois Whitney

Jeffrey Wieand and Janet Silver

Sara Wilbur

Herbert and Angie Wilkins

Lee Williams

Elizabeth H. Wilson

Kenneth Wilson and Linda Hardiman

Michael and Leslie Wilson

The Winstanley Family

Mary Wittenhagen

Byron and Kelvey Woodman

Dr. Alan and Mrs. Elise Woodward

TsueyRong Wu

Christopher and Debra Wysopal

Roxanne E. and Michael J. Zak

Chip and Margaret Ziering

Alisha and Ed Boyajian

John and Johanna Boynton

John and Mary Ann Boynton

John and Marilyn Brady

John Branigan and Laura Klein

Rick and Peggy Briggs

Peter A. Brooke

Thomas Brosnahan and Jane Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce B. Browne

Malcolm Bryant and Bev Ridpath

Drs. Irwin and Linda Buchwald

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Jenny Burke

Paul and Gail Burmeister

Frederic A. Burnham

Kimberly and Dennis Burns

Brian Burt

Jason and Amantha Butler

Maura Cain

Jim Callahan

Julie-Ann and Ramon Cancio

Carl and Carol Miller

Steve and Candy Carr

Greg and Nancy Carter

Lavinia Chase and Edith Springer

David and Susan Clark

David and Mary Clarke

Jeff Clements and Nancy Haselton

Chuck and Gloria Clough

Gregory and Kathy Clute

Dale and Sally Clutter

Jack and Diana Clymer

Kate Flora and Kenneth Cohen

Mark and Theresa Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Elizabeth Colgan

George and Ann Colony

Concord Academy

John Conley and Elizabeth Awalt

Sandy Conrad

Nancy Birchard and Lorne Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Bayla Cornell

Regina Corrao and Jeff Clanon

Molly and Laurence Constable

The Constable Family

Felice and Leland Cott

Marian Coulter

Lucien* and Mary Louise Couvillon

Kevin and Laura Cox

Holly and John Cratsley

Cummings Properties LLC

Victor Curran and Dianne Weiss

Michael and Aiyana Currie

Lynne and Alexis Goltra

Andrew and Yonina Goorno

Lloyd and June Grace

Knox Family Foundation

John Graham and Kerry Munro

Robert Grappel

Priscilla K. Gray

Dick and Claire Greene

The Greenhalgh Family

Jason and AJ Griswold

Bob and Ann Gross

Phill and Liz Gross

Zachary and Lindsey Gund

The Hack Family

Dr. Terry and Mrs. Judy Hadley

Susan M. Halby

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Pamela Hanson

Amy Wiswell Happ

Ms. Margaret C. Harding

Christopher and Susan Harris

Scott and Elizabeth Harvey

Anne Hayden and Ivan Burns

Dr. F. Whiting Hays

Tessa Hedley-Whyte

David and Susan Hegarty

Mr. and Mrs. Kate and Michael Henchman

Susan Henderson

David and Elizabeth Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Jose and Marieka Herrero

Hershey Family Foundation

Peter and Joan Hilton

Sarah Hindle

David Holdorf and Kathy Dwyer

Steven and Carmela Horlitz

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick and Linda Hossfeld

Barbara Howe

Melinda and Parkman Howe

Al Hubbard

Sally & Joel Hughes

Eleanor and John Hutchins

Lauren and Bill Huyett

Anne Irza-Leggat and Stephen Irza

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Laura Israel

Michael and Winnie Ma Jackson

The Jantzen Family

Abby and Paul Jenney

Rick and Louise Johnson

Joyce L. Jones

Mary and Bill Kaiser

Goerge Kalhorn and Hinako Regier

Janet Kaminstein

Edward W. Kane and Martha J. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Miller

Chris and Alison Millerick

Caroline and Artur Minkin

Dr. Steven Mirin and Dr. Margaret McKenna

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. and Libby Monaghan

Jim and Barbara Moran

Brad Moran

Jennifer Moran

John and Kathleen Moriarty

Charles and Nancy Morrison

Gregory and Amy Mueller

Victoria and Frederic Mulligan

David and Jennifer Munn

Judy Munn

Joel A. Myerson

Geraldine Nelson

Jeff and Sarah Newton

Peter and Ginny Nicholas

Murray and Barbara Nicolson

Lee Nordblom

Nordblom Family Foundation

Diane Nordin and Thomas Keller

David and Julie O’Brien

Paul and Elaine O’Connell

Dan O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Okurowski

Dr. Jean Olson

Mr. and Ms. Osofsky

Whitfield and Linda Painter

Kevin and Leila Parke

Rob and Lindsey Parker

Joyce Paulson

Raymond and Sheila Pavlik

York Lo and Rebecca Pearson Lo

Graham Peck

Amanda Peppercorn

Judith Perkins

Ned Perry and Cynthia Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Megan Pesce

Leslie J. and Linda O. Peterson

Arlene Petri

The Piper Family

Chris and Patty Popov

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Popov

Bette Pounders

Barbara Powell

Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Adrienne Principe

Rebecca S. Purcell

Richard and Judy Quanrud

David and Beth Railsback

Robery Rainis and Melissa Leffler

Lance Ramshaw and Abigail Wine

Jane Randall

Charles and Sherin Spofford

The Spring Family

Anne Squire

Samantha St. Laurent

Wade and Mary Staniar

Mary Stanton

Stearns Charitable Trust

Paul and Carol Steele

Mark Stein and Rosa Hallowell

Hilary and Langley Steinert

Melvin and Pauline Stephens

John Stevens and Virginia McIntyre

Arthur Stevenson

Donald and Marjory Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Helen Stoddard

Eleanor Sudler and Walter Littell

Dean Sullender and Suzanne M. Knight

Alison Sullivan

Tom and Betsy Swaim

Derek Swaim

Murray and Jean Swindell

Kathy and Ronald Takvorian

Alexander Tedeschi and Kathryn Oh

Harvey and Valerie Kolligian Thayer

Beth Thiemann

Richard and Marian* Thornton

Andrew and Beth Thut

John and Cathy Tilney

Leslie Fisher and Bob Treitman

Thomas and Charity Tremblay

Sylvia Udris

Judith Uehling

Randall and Kay Upham

James Vahey and Joan Eagan

Henry and Janet Vaillant

Carl Valvo and Mav Pardee

Marge and Rusty Van Houten

Eric and Laurie Van Loon

Philip and Mary-Wren vanderWilden

Viktor Vejins and Libby Kurten

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vitkevich, Jr.

David Waldman and Carolyn Schwartz

Alec Walker and Caitlin Selle

Bonnie Walker

Judy Walpole

Richard and Patricia Waters

Mrs. Frederic W. Watriss

Mr. and Mrs. Watson

Dave and Liz Wei

Mr. and Mrs. Welch

Mr. and Mrs. L. Richard Wenzel

Fred Wersan and Paula Posnick

Patrick and Kim West

Joseph C. Wheeler

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