Facilities Manager for the Concord Free Public Library Corporation

JOB TYPE: Year-round, 20 hour+/- work week. Must be on site. Occasional weekend and evening hours may be required.

QUALIFICATIONS: Experience with coordination of vendors and contractors, knowledge of building systems

SPECIAL SKILLS: Excellent interpersonal and management skills


The Trustees of the Concord Free Public Library Corporation are seeking a Facilities Manager for two library buildings: the Main Library complex at 129 Main Street and the Fowler Branch Library at 1322 Main Street. The Facilities Manager will be responsible for day-to-day management and maintenance of the buildings and grounds. The Facilities Manager will be responsible for managing relationships with five key vendors who provide services under annual maintenance contracts as well as all other vendors providing building-related services or materials on an as-needed basis. The Facilities Manager will also be responsible for working with the Trustees to develop the annual maintenance and repair budgets as well as the long-term facilities plan. The Facilities Manager will report to the Trustees of the Corporation and work closely with the Library Director.

The Library is a public/private partnership. The Town of Concord provides staffing, utilities, and cleaning, including custodial support. The non-profit Concord Free Public Library Corporation (“Corporation”) owns the buildings and grounds and is responsible for maintenance, repairs, renovations, and ensuring compliance with safety and other municipal requirements. Although both buildings are historic, with the original part of the main library dating to 1873, the Corporation has completed three extensive renovations and additions over the past 20 years, and both buildings are in excellent shape with fully modernized and upgraded building systems and key components. Building systems include: electrical, security, keying, lighting, mechanical, HVAC, elevators (four total), plumbing, sprinklers, irrigation and motorized shades. Building services include: routine maintenance and repairs, patching and painting, landscaping and plowing, and occasionally larger repairs and dealing with emergencies. 


  • Ability to work independently, prioritize and multi-task
  • Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to work collaboratively with Library Trustees and Library Director
  • Ability to interact professionally with Library staff, Library patrons, service providers, contractors and vendors
  • Attention to detail and record-keeping
  • Ability to manage a budget, and review and approve vendor invoices
  • Experience with maintenance of complex building systems and components, including familiarity with remote monitoring systems
  • Proficient in email, Zoom, Microsoft Word/Excel and/or Google Workspace (docs, sheets), vendor management and reporting
  • Positive, solution-focused attitude
  • Previous property and commercial construction management experience is preferred


  • Oversee and maintain the physical operation of Library buildings and exterior property.
  • Ensure the facilities meet all local, state and national fire, safety, environment, and health requirements.
  • Schedule and coordinate all facilities work performed by outside vendors, contractors and service providers.
  • Oversee landscaping and snow/ice removal performed by outside vendors, contractors and service providers.
  • Respond to security system alarms, fire alarms and property emergencies on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.
  • Meet and communicate regularly with Library Trustees and Library Director, including attendance as needed at monthly Trustees meetings. 
  • Work with Trustees to develop an annual facilities maintenance and repair budget as well as collaborate on a long-term capital expenditures plan for replacement and renewal of building systems and components.
  • Observe Library policies and procedures.
  • A facilities management firm will designate one person for this role.


  • Manage maintenance contracts and general building inspections including, but not limited to, mechanical equipment, HVAC, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers, sprinklers, elevators, security systems, and access and control systems. 
  • Monitor and oversee conditions of the exterior property, including, but not limited to, lawn, plantings, entrances, sidewalks; monitor need for snow or ice removal for building walkways. 
  • Coordinate with Corporation Treasurer or designated Trustee(s) to institute maintenance contracts. 
  • Monitor equipment and building maintenance of the facility, contacting appropriate service companies to accomplish timely repairs and maintenance, and maintaining a log of such service visits. The need for major repairs or purchases of equipment above $1000 should be reported to the Corporation Treasurer or designated Trustee(s) to obtain approval for such expenditures.
  • Supervise contracted services to ensure compliance with Library policies, contractual agreements and budget.
  • Schedule routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Manage vendor insurance certificates.
  • Give regular reports and keep ongoing, open communication with the Corporation to provide information regarding the facility, vendors, and general feedback deemed helpful to the Corporation. At a minimum, provide a weekly update to the Corporation via e-mail. Needed repairs or replacements should be reported on a regular basis.
  • Maintain a list of all pertinent contacts (including vendors, suppliers, service companies), procedures and instructions (including operation of safety and security equipment, thermostats, other equipment). All information should be readily available and accessible. 
  • Approve accounts payable on a weekly basis.
  • Work with vendors and the Corporation Treasurer to send appropriate invoices and information to the bookkeeper/accountant. 
  • Cooperate with the Corporation on planning and maintaining a balanced budget and keeping accurate accounting records. Complete a monthly expense report including receipts. Meet with the Corporation Treasurer or designated Trustee once a month, or as requested, to review expenses.
  • Provide monthly written reports for Corporation Board of Trustees meetings. 
  • Upon request, and in coordination with the Corporation Treasurer and designated Trustee(s), prepare a capital improvement budget for the next fiscal year. Upon approval of such capital improvement budget by the Corporation, the Facilities Manager may be authorized to obtain bids and otherwise contract for capital replacements and additions reflected in the approved budget.
  • Fulfill such other duties as requested by the Corporation and as are customary and usual to this type of position. 

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

  • A valid motor vehicle operator’s license is required. 
  • Standing, walking, ability to climb stairs and travel between Library sites is required.
  • The Facilities Manager will be provided office space and may be provided a computer and/or cell phone. 
  • The Corporation requires a physical and drug screening and CORI check. 


Anticipated start date: Spring 2023

Compensation: $30,000 – $55,000, commensurate with experience

Please submit cover letter and resume to pgannon@cfplcorp.org.