Letters to the editor from the March 14 edition Concord Journal

Letters to the editor from the March 14 edition Concord Journal

Support the Concord Free Public Library project

Over the past 20 years, few Concord organizations have ignited as much excitement or stimulated as great an intellectual charge as the Concord Free Public Library. As a trustee for 25 years, I enjoyed a front-row seat from which to engage with its programming, events and resources. I am well aware, also, that demand for these services has outstripped the library’s capacity to deliver them for several years now.

With great care and fulsome input from many key constituencies, the Library Corporation and the Library Committee have developed a comprehensive renovation and expansion plan to meet rising demand, ensure stewardship of precious collections and create greater access to rapidly evolving media and sources of information. Many generous and farsighted Concordians have already stepped up to support the vision of a reinvigorated community resource.

Residents will enjoy more flexible spaces to meet, learn and work together. The plans include an expansion of the Children’s Library that will include quiet reading nooks, project and performance areas and the much-needed convenience of a family bathroom. A new café concept will give visitors a place to bring in refreshments and enjoy conversation. A workshop will allow community groups to reserve space for all manner of hands-on, creative activities. The beloved Rotunda and adjacent reading rooms will continue to offer quiet and inspired spaces for traditional work and study.

I encourage you to visit the library website or drop-in to either branch, to learn more about this project and to view the exciting architectural renderings. And I hope you will support the library project at Town Meeting in April and through you charitable giving plans for 2019.

— Dr. Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr., Elm Street, Concord

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