Letters to the editor from the April 18 edition Concord Journal

Letters to the editor from the April 18 edition Concord Journal

Thank you for supporting the library at Town Meeting

On behalf of the trustees, Library Committee and Friends of the Library, I wish to thank our fellow Concordians for coming to Town Meeting and supporting Articles 7 and 22, which included library project funding.

During Town Meeting, I heard people talk about our town values, especially diversity and inclusion. The library is the embodiment of these values. It is the great equalizer — free, open and accessible to all.

In good times and bad, the library is here for you.

Whether you are a parent looking for connections with other parents and caregivers, a job-seeker in need of career resources, a spouse who needs a haven from abuse, a reader who wants to relax with a good book or magazine, a senior who no longer drives at night but would like to attend a program, a community group, like the League of Women Voters, that needs meeting space; a middle-schooler who needs a place to hang with friends and do homework; a high-schooler who wants to collaborate with peers; a family that wants to borrow a telescope or virtual-reality glasses; an art or history enthusiast who wants to be inspired by the Special Collections; a resident curious about the history of her house; or a citizen preparing for Town Meeting … the library is for you.

In a town that values culture, diversity and civic discourse — displayed admirably at Town Meeting — we deserve a library that meets our evolving needs and not one that becomes obsolete. Every library project, including the Fowler renovation, has been celebrated by residents. We are grateful for this historic support and for your help in ensuring the library remains the beating heart of this great community.

Sherry F. Litwack, president, Concord Free Public Library Corporation, Monument Street, Concord

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